Nov 182009

Last night I went out to a Happy Hour party hosted by the Partymeister (he’d actually be pissed I think if he knew I called him that). It was held at his favorite bar, which… to be perfectly honest.. isn’t a good bar for mingling. The mingling space they have contains tables that are bolted to the floor and too close together for people to actually mingle around them. So it was kinda annoying.

After the first half-hour of attempting to mingle, I ordered & ate some cheap food, paid my bill and planned to leave.

Just as I was about to say “Goodbye”… In walks Carl.

I’d met Carl several times, and none of those times did we talk much.. but I knew he was funny and talkative.. so I went over to say Hi.

Carl asked how I was doing and how the group was (you know wanting an FYI on everything he’d missed so far).. So I told him it was boring, all the interesting people had left, and so I’d planned to leave…

Without skipping a beat he interrupted, “But now I’M HERE!!” and his face broke out with a huge smile.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Shortly after that, Chris came and joined our conversation. We were all friends of Partymeister, and had met several times. Most of the rest of the group were new to us, which is good but sometimes you just want the comfort of people you know.

With Chris and Carl, it became an hour of laughing. Carl loves to make up silly things as if they really happened. Chris was more than willing to join in. At one point, they were explaining to me their Mexican mafia business (Carl is Mexican, Chris is as pasty white as they come) and how many people they could fit into shipping containers and that Chris was waiting for an email confirmation that the container had arrived. (Chris was actually waiting for an email, but from a girl he was non-date-date going to watch the meteor shower with)

About an hour or so later, Chris got his email (came to tell us by saying “The container’s arrived, I’ve got to go”) and ran out the door to prep for it. He was making a picnic lunch, packing a bottle of wine, an airmattress, and a sleeping bag. It sounded way too romantic to be a non-date-date, but hey.. ya know..

So that left me and Carl. After tonight, I’m starting to love Carl, at least as a party buddy maybe more. He’s just as sick-twisted-demented as me, and we have the same humor. So yeah we had a blast.

Unfortunately he’s also at least 3 inches shorter than me, and very skinny. I could twirl him over my head like a baton, but his personality and our connection tonight.. well I’m almost thinking of him as a man and not a baton… which is progress for me right?

At the happy hour though there were two men that were really hot. One was on a date. The other was .. well.. an extreme sports person. Both were 6′-6’2, well built, ruggedly handsome face… *sigh* Now if you could just put Carl’s personality into that kind of package..

Yeah.. he’d already be married or be gay. Yeah I know.

But it was a fun night, and despite my exhaustion on returning home, it was good to get out and meet actually live people. I really should do it more often.

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