Oct 072009

Tuesday night was definitely a “why in the hell do I bother” evening.

It started off with me waking up today with dark circles under my eyes the size of China. Luckily those went away in the shower.

Next, I went to go scrub off some spilled nail polish on my toe, by lifting my foot up to the counter in the bathroom. My swift move with my beautiful dexterity had my foot end its upward journey smacking the outside of my littlest toe on the edge of the counter taking off a good chunk of the skin. It bled and bled and bled.

Next while curling my hair, I managed to drop the curling iron on my bare skin in not one.. not two.. but FOUR places. One of which being that soft spot on the back of your hand between your thumb and your forefinger. Its still (4 hours later) bright red and puffy.

I did finally manage to get myself pulled together and go. I get lost. Not because the place is hard to find, but because I’m especially mentally challenged today and mistake Woodward Rd for WoodVille. The latter being the one I was supposed to be on. So I end up showing up late.

My “date” from OkStupid was a guy that I’d been eyeing for a while. I couldn’t tell for sure from his pictures if he was hot or average. I couldn’t really tell if he was 300lbs or 100lbs. He has that roundish face that if you just take a picture of the face it could go either way.

We’d messaged each other back in July and then he just never replied. He seemed to disappear and I forgot about him. Then yesterday he pops on and asks me if I’m still available and if I’d like to meet him tonight. He said it was a no-stress way of meeting (obviously he doesn’t know me, cuz this is way more stressful). He was playing in a concert, a small thing, and wanted to know if I’d come watch and we’d meet after he finished. I really didn’t have anything going on tonight and figured “what the hell”.

I walk in late and see him sitting in the audience. He’s in black slacks and a button up black shirt, and very good looking. I sit next to him and introduce myself. He seems reticent to talk, and I asked if I’d missed his performance. He said no, and pointed to the program where he was listed to play. I figured he was being quiet out of respect for the people playing and maybe because he wanted to get into the mindset of playing. So we sat in silence.

He got up to play. Before he played he announced the pieces. This was the first time I’d heard his voice. His voice is awesome. I’d screw him merely to hear his voice in orgasm. Its that awesome. When he was finished, he sat on the other side of the audience with the people he played with. I figured he didn’t want to make a scene by coming all the way over to my side. I waited.

The concert went to intermission. He came around to where I was sitting, and gathered his things. He mentioned that he wanted to take a little time to put his instrument away and that he’d meet me in the hall.

More waiting.

He finished packing up his stuff, and after talking to a few other people about music stuff or whatever, he motioned to me to follow him. He was leaving.

We talked a bit down the stairs and on the way to our cars. He seemed really nervous or guilty.. hard to say. He said he’d walk me to my car. I said he didn’t have to.. (I mean really if we’re saying good night after this short of time, please don’t attempt to be polite). He said wanted to..

My car ended up being 2 cars away from his, so his walking me became moot. We talked a little bit. He was busy saying how tired he was after rehearsing since 4pm today (if you knew you were going to be tired why in the hell did you ask me to come?).

It wasn’t until I mentioned Telnet and MUDs that his eyes even looked a little interested. He mentioned that I should add him on Facebook. We talked a little geek, and I could tell he was fascinated at my geekery. It was then I said:

“Well I should let you go since you’re so tired.” and started to walk away.

He reached out his hand for a handshake and I walked toward him shook his hand and went to leave.

“We should chat online for a bit soon.” He commented after me.

I turned to him and said, “How about you contact me when you’re less tired.”

I got into my car, and left. The entire date lasted maybe an hour if you include all my waiting. Our conversation length was about 5 minutes.

If I hear from him again, I’ll be shocked.

(He added me on Facebook… hmm)

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