Oct 062009

Yesterday I happened across an article on OkStupid, which convinces me even more that it should officially change it’s name to that.

The article is based on statistics from people of difference races replying to each other on the site. The article is very informative but also “hints” that people are racist because they don’t reply to certain genders. It specifically hints that white females are racist.

See the end of this post for another nail in the “white ladies are racist” coffin.” -OkCupid

When it comes to making love-matches, race is going to be a huge issue. Partly because with each race there usually is a different cultural background. Sure we might all be raised in the USA, but just because we’re raised here doesn’t mean we don’t still have our own cultural heritage.

Partly its going to be attraction. Not everyone is going to find every race attractive. There are some black men who are hot, smoking hot, but as a general rule I’m not attracted to any of them. There are some Asian men that are hot, but the cultural differences concern me. There are some Arab men that are really smoking, but I wont’ date anyone who is muslim (severe conflict of religious beliefs).

For me, finding someone of another race who has a similar belief system and similar values is nearly impossible. If I found one, boy howdy would I hold onto him because its difficult enough to find with someone of my own race.

I’m not going to claim that I’m not racist, because I’m pretty sure somewhere someone will find something in me that is racist. I was raised by a racist so some of that had to come off on me even if I don’t know it.

But there are many reasons why people prefer to match with certain races above others… and it doesn’t mean they think any less of those they exclude.

Your thoughts?

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