Oct 012009

“If you don’t know the things you’re dealing

I can tell you, darling, that it’s Sexual Healing” – Marvin Gaye

Saturday Night

After Friday night’s fiasco, I really wasn’t sure being social was a good idea. So when Getty called (she’s the one that sat my dog) and wanted to do dinner, I hesitated. Then I thought about it, food is good and Getty can’t possibly be as bad as Jessie. Plus keeping a dog-sitting friend happy is always a bonus. She hinted that after dinner we should hit a bar or two. A drink.. yes I needed a drink.

I really didn’t have high expectations for the evening as Getty tends to get paranoid tirades, and doesn’t really socialize at bars. So basically it’d be just her and I tossing back a few beers talking to each other. I figured worst case I’d have to listen to her rant while I drank a beer. I can do that.

So we both got gussied up, went for a steak dinner, and went to a bar. She drove so I figured I could drink more than I normally would. Yeah! But I stayed sober mostly. I’m not easy to get drunk nor is it usually cheap. The bar we started at was pretty dead except for a few genetic wonders obviously needing to be bred out of the gene pool. So after a couple beers, we left in search of something else. We don’t live in bar central (downtown) so selection was slim. We decided to check out a karaoke bar.

On our way to the bar, she got on her phone and called a friend of hers. Who? I didn’t know at the time. And invited said person to join us. After she hung up, she told me who it was. Some young guy she knew who hooked her up with pot.

Now my stance on drugs is pretty rigid. I don’t like them, don’t want to be around them, and don’t want to be around people when they’ve done them. Getty and I have talked about this before, and she knows this about me. I know about her use of it, and supposedly she only smokes a little at night to get to sleep. What you do in your own house is your business.

So I was a little apprehensive about this meeting at the bar. Then she told me all about this guy. She met him when he was 19 and a huge druggie. They’d had a small fling thing. (she’s about 50, he’s 19. interesting, but I also read off-limits). He’d cleaned up his act and now only did pot (and I found out later smokes cigs as well). He was 21 now, got a job and has been responsible. He was tall, dark hair, blue eyes, and gorgeous .. she said.

In my head I was bitching at her. Sure sure.. You’re going to introduce me to a male version of crack, and I can’t even play with him? Bitch. I’m a huge sucker for tall dark haired men with blue eyes. It’s not easy to find tall in Austin.

So we get to the karaoke bar, and its horrid. Some group of girls is murdering a song and a cat at the same time. We leave and go next door to the pool hall which has a small bar. She calls him and says to meet us there.

We sit down for a drink, but before we can order.

“Denny’s HERE!”

I turn around to see some grizzly looking man enter and Getty hug him. He was totally not what I’d been picturing which was a good thing since he was off limits. He was tall I’ll give her that, but gorgeous he was not. He was the right build that I like. Big enough without being too bulky. But he had a full – I do mean full – beard, and looked like he’d just gotten finished with a 6 month camping trip in the woods where there was no razors. His dark hair was hidden slightly under a cap, and had Getty not introduced us, I would have avoided him in any way possible.

We said “Hi” to each other, and sat at the bar. Getty on one side of me, and Denny on the other, with Getty and Denny conversing over top of me. It was strange, but at this point after last night, and the lack of eye candy, I just relaxed and said “Screw it”. Gimme the liquor.

The bartender didn’t have the liquor I wanted so I debated. He recommended something called “Firefly” sweet tea vodka. I thought yuck, but Denny and the bartender assured me that it was excellent and went down like lightly sweetened tea. (I hate sweet tea really) It also was supposed to be a “stool tipper” and would get me drunk fast. I wasn’t driving so what the hell.

I drank one. It tasted somewhat sweet, kinda like tea, but pretty good. I felt nothing. I argued with the bartender that there wasn’t any alcohol in it. He assured me it was a full shot of alcohol mentioning what “proof” it was as it that should convince me. All I knew was that I wasn’t drunk like promised.

So I drank another. And another. And another. Still not getting anywhere. Getty, Denny, and the bartender looked at me like I was lying.

“Am I slurring?” I got up and walked, “Am I walking funny? Do I in any way resemble buzzing?”

They agreed I wasn’t drunk and showed no signs. (When I tell you I can hold my alcohol, trust me.) However, Denny was looking cuter. Part of that I suppose was the alcohol, but part of it was that he was just really nice. Considerate. Sweet. Gentle. He didn’t come off as threatening in any way. He even seemed to be flirting with me, which I wasn’t entirely sure if he was just being friendly or ?

So with Getty’s encouragement and reminding me that I wasn’t driving home, I decided to see if I could get plastered. I switched to Tito’s on the rocks and drank two like they were water. Finally a buzz!! But it was just a little buzz, but a buzz nonetheless.

The bar was closing, and Denny living nearby invited us over offering us beer. We decided to go. I figured I’d drink and get a buzz while she and Denny did whatever. She’d been hanging on him most of the evening, so I assumed she was wanting something other than a pot refill.

We get to his place look around. Its pretty clean for a bachelor pad. I was told later that it was his roommate’s fault. So we take a seat on the couch. Getty on one arm, and me on the other. Denny grabs us a couple beers and sits in the middle.

At this point, Denny is not really being subtle with his flirting. He’s definitely flirting with me, and I’m drunk enough that despite my best efforts I was flirting back. He was still Getty’s ex, so I was freaking out majorly and about to ask Getty to drive me home.

Denny got up to get more beer. I was getting really drunk by this time. A cocktail at dinner, 2 beers, 4 Fireflys, 4 Tito’s, and a beer. Evidently beer is my kryptonite. So I lean over to Getty and say:

“He’s really hitting on me big time. I’m sorry. Are you ok with that?”

Getty laughed, “Yeah, thats Denny. He’s a good guy. You should go for it.”

“Naw you sure? I mean he’s your ex.. I don’t wanna step on toes. I’m not like that.”

She laughed some more. “Him and I just barely had more than a one night stand. You’re not stepping on anything. Seriously.”

I still looked at her like she was from Mars. From Jessie the other night, to Getty tonight.. I was pretty sure I must be doing crack.

Denny returned shortly, tripped and spilled almost his entire beer all over me. When I gasped and bitched about being covered in beer, he apologized and said he’d clean me up.. and began to lick it off. IN FRONT OF GETTY.

Getty got up off the couch and moved to a nearby chair. I thought I was majorly in for it. I had tried to tell Denny to stop, but well it was a lot like telling a very cute cuddly dog to stop licking you. It wasn’t really going to happen, and he meant no harm.

Denny then got up to use the restroom. Getty turned to me.

“Go ahead if you two want to have sex, no biggie. I’m fully entertained with the tv. Feel free to go back in his room.”

Seriously looked at her like she’d grown 3 heads. WTF? I’d pretty much at this point decided that I was going to sleep with Denny. (I should probably mention that when I get drunk I also get friendly, horny as hell.) But as much as Getty was being all nice and encouraging, I just could not be so rude as to ditch her to go have sex with her friend. Principles baby.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t. Not while you’re here. It wouldn’t be right.”

Denny came back and we snuggled a bit on the couch. His roommate came home then, and Getty and him began flirting. His roommate was much more type except for physically, he was clean cut, well dressed, metrosexual. I told Getty that, she told him. And we all flirted and joked around.

When the tv show was over, Getty got up and said she was leaving. Being thoroughly drunk it took me a bit to get off the couch. I got my purse, and went to follow her, but by the time I got across the room she’d already made Denny promise to drive me home. She asked me if I was ok with that, and of course I was.

I still was feeling a bit guilty about Getty, but I figured that could wait til morning. Denny then went into his bedroom and called for me to join him. His roomate was sitting on couch looking all adorable and abandoned.

“I’m sorry. If it was up to me, you could join in. But I gotta go.” I cooed as I walked into Denny’s bedroom. His roommate looked at me like he wanted to kill Denny and have me to himself. Its surprising how brazen I can get when drunk, and I honestly don’t know what I’d have done if his roommate had joined in.

For having just met both of them, I really felt comfortable and safe. Partly I think because I know Getty and I know they know Getty. If they did hurt me, she’d be out for blood. She’s an ex-biker chick. She’s tough.

Denny was waiting for me. Impatiently patient in a sweet way like a puppy waiting to go for a walk. He was adorable, sweet, and yet had a backbone. One of those sweet teddybear kinda guys that you know will bend over backward to make you happy, but won’t let you walk all over them. Trust me, he bent over backward.

It was a night of wild abandon which can only be adequately described as wild monkey sex. Since my divorce, I’ve been looking for a night like this. With 5 yrs of celibacy, I felt unsure, hesitant, unskilled, and just like a clown in the bedroom. I just wanted a night of anything goes to get back in the groove of it. Maybe learn a few new things.

I’m not sure I learned anything new, other than I still got it and that there are still a few men who know how to have sex, and at least one man that can go more than once in a night. I also learned that there is at least one man who is kind and gentle and polite during sex. If I said no to something, it was no. He didn’t get huffy or discouraged, just tried to find a common ground for mutual pleasure. He asked before doing things, and asked if I liked certain things.

By a few hours into it, I was so relaxed with him that when he asked if I sucked cock, I didn’t immediately brace up, but simply answered “no”. He took it as if he’d asked if I wanted coke or diet pepsi, and I’d said coke. He didn’t seem to care and moved onto something else. It was this that gave me confidence to try. I didn’t try long, as I didn’t want to risk me having an episode.. but I tried long enough to know that it wasn’t horrid and that with the right person I might be able to do it. It was healing.

Actually the entire night was healing. He did nothing but make me feel wanted, and sexy, and like a queen. We entered his room at 3am, and finally forced ourselves to stop so he could get some sleep at 7am. We slept for a few hours, then he drove me home on his way to work.

I collapsed into my own bed. When I woke, I could barely move. Every muscle hurt, even muscles I didn’t even remember using. Somehow I’d also managed to bruise my finger tips. I still don’t know how I did that.

Getty called then and wanted to meet for a late lunch. After ‘ditching’ her the night before I couldn’t very well say no.. so I went. I also wanted to make sure things were ok with her.

We met at Panera and had a good lunch. She smiled and asked about how things went, and said she felt a little guilty about last night. I was puzzled.

“I feel like I kinda pimped you out.”

I laughed my ass off. If that’s what pimping me out gets me, honey sign me up. I assured her it was fine. I just didn’t tell her HOW fine it was, or that I felt like I owed her big for that setup. But what she doesn’t know won’t kill her. Besides if she feels a little guilty, she might be more willing to sit my dog again.. no?

Denny & I never exchanged numbers, and I doubt I’ll ever see him again, but there’s a place in my heart where he’ll always be. Thanks Denny for everything.

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