Oct 142009

I am in many ways screwed. This is how it is often, and why I very much doubt that I’ll ever find someone I really like to like me back.

The crux of my problem is a very deep seated issue of trust.. or shall I say distrust.

So when I find myself knee-deep in like with someone all bets are off.. Actually if people wanted to take up bets, it would be a really safe bet that I will in a relatively short time piss said someone off to the point of never speaking to me again.

I realized yesterday that I am at this particular stage of hell with Mr. Christian. To fully grasp why I am at this stage of like with him so quickly requires me to backtrack to my youth.

Since the beginning of time as I’ve known it, I have always wanted a good Christian husband. I was raised by a very religious family. We went to church every Sunday. We didn’t socialize with most other families in town (900 population) but those that went to our small church. As such, church was my social life for the first 5 yrs of my life. School and church became my social life until I left for college, and yes I mean literally (or close enough).

Though I lived in a small town or maybe especially because I lived in a small town, I wasn’t allowed to socialize like most kids my age. 90% of my class were products of divorced parents or products of single motherhood. Due to my mother’s religious beliefs and possibly concern for my safety, I was not allowed to go anyone’s house whose parents or adults in the home were not married. I could visit if their parent was single and not dating, but as soon as they were dating or having “sleepovers” I was no longer allowed. I wasn’t allowed to be out past dark until High School, and then I had to be home at 10pm unless I was at a valid school function. I wasn’t allowed to hang out downtown at the gas station or ride the streets. In a small town, word nearly always got back to my mother and so it wasn’t worth the risk.

I joined nearly every school activity possible and made peace with being an outcast and social misfit. The only place I felt any kind of social comfort was at church once we moved to a larger church in a nearby city where there were several kids my age. The larger church was amazing and lead by a very conservative yet strangely open-minded pastor (maybe open-minded is a bit misleading, he encouraged free thought, biblical education, and discussion rather than people just swallowing absentmindedly whatever he said). He began me on the religious path that I’ve been on, and sadly has ruined me for any church since, but I’m getting off track.

What I’m trying to get across here is that for the 18 yrs of my life (and longer), church was my social outlet, my safe place, my rock.

It was then I went to college. Up until my college years, my exposure to any kind of Christian man were very few. Most were years older than me and for that reason alone if nothing else, they did not find me suitable. In the large church, there was one man my age and despite any hopes I might have had (he was gorgeous) he never seemed interested. (Due to events after that, I suspect that he may have been gay.)

In college though there were many Christian men, and I was ill prepared for it. Men who would proclaim Christian but wouldn’t be. Men who would devote 100’s of hours to Christian groups and activities, and yet would do themselves everything they admonished in others. Then there were the real Christian men, and they wanted absolutely nothing to do with me.

The free-thinking pastor had ruined me for them. I was too smart and too biblically educated. I could argue their falsehoods and prove them wrong, for which they found me detestable. Yet, I could not and even now cannot keep silent when I know something is really wrong.

It was this that got me excluded from every Christian venue I’ve tried. For the first few years of college, I was extremely active in the Christian groups, or so I thought. It wasn’t until I was 3 yrs in, that I found out there were bible studies. I had never been invited, and when I found out I tried to join one. I was refused. I tried churches since then, but I never feel comfortable and it doesn’t usually take too long before I find something I disagree with that if questioned gets me ostracized.

So my goal of a Christian husband became something of a pipe-dream to me. Because of the way I was treated (over and over again), I slowly began to seek my own religion. Suddenly I woke to most of my friends being agnostics and atheists. To the point where I wondered if anyone really believed in God anymore other than crazies and zealots.

Then there was my ex-husband. When we first started dating, I asked him what religion he was. It really was important to me that he be Christian. He mumbled something about Lutheran being the religion of Norway and that they’d go on Easter and Christmas. He said he was open to attending whatever church I wanted, and learning more about it. From this, I believed him to be at the very least a God-fearing man. I tried to find us a church, but alas it never worked out. It actually wasn’t until 3-5 yrs into the marriage that I found out that my husband was actually an atheist. He’d always been an atheist and he’d mislead me. It was monumentally hurtful to me as among other things I loathe lying, but we were married til death do we part. So I tried to move past it, then he left me and we divorced. (One of his best decisions.)

Raised in the breed of Christianity that I was, I gave up on finding a Christian man. I was divorced, and assumed that no Christian man would even think twice about me, let alone my whole free-thinking ways.

Now here is one. He knows I’m divorced. (I believe he is as well.) He’s smart, funny, social, and cute. He drinks (I assume in moderation). He believes in pre-marital sex. He doesn’t like strip clubs. And he might.. maybe.. like me.

So now that you have an idea of why I’m falling in such deep like with a nearly complete stranger…

The crux of my problem.. When I really like someone like this.. I WILL FUCK IT UP.

Its inevitable. As I tend to guard my heart.

When I start to “love” I don’t know any other way than with every part of me. Despite my brain telling me to be cautious, my heart jumps all the way in. Thus I often get hurt and get hurt bad.

So I attempt to guard my heart.

Which results in miscommunications like the following:

“I really love that you’re so dedicated to what you believe in” really gets said as “I’m so glad you’re not one of those religious freakazoids.”

“I’m so glad I met you. I love being around you.” really gets said as “Uh yeah, it was fun.” or worse “Yeah it was fun though next time give me a heads up so I can put on my comfy shoes”

I turn from flirty and honest into sarcastic and bitchy. I can feel myself doing it already, and I am sooooo trying not to.

I may seriously need some mental help.

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