Oct 262009

Last thursday night I have to say that I had the best time I’ve had in quite a while. I had joined this new social group which was all about building friendships and adamantly NOT about dating according to the website.

But you and I both know that if you get single men and single women in a room, it will soon be about dating whether you like it or not.

So with hopes of making some new friends, and mild hopes of meeting a single man, I decided to go. The clincher in deciding to go was that it was bowling. I hadn’t been bowling in a very long time, and remembered that I used to enjoy it quite a bit. So making new friends who like to bowl was my main motivation.

I arrive and they’ve already started bowling. I got my shoes, a beer, and headed over to join them bowling.

Now since I am one hell of a lucky duck (seriously this happens all the time), I get put on a team of all men. There were two lanes for the group. One lane had all the men except the organizer, the other lane had all the women except me. For a “non-dating” group it was seriously hilarious how it worked out for the organizer.. not that I was complaining because I could not have planned it better. Though the conversation that the organizer and I had later about how people organize these groups in order to meet a date, was all a sort of irony that was lost on him.

My team consisted of myself, Tim (mentioned previously), Mr R (Night of India), and a new guy, Mac, I’d never met. Tim and Mr R were no longer any kind of viable option. Tim was ruled out because he didn’t have eyes for me, and from previous discussions he would need way too many improvements to be suitable for me (ratty tshirts and jeans is not sexy for me when thats your fanciest clothes). Mr R ruled himself out when he asked Chrissy on a date. So despite both of them flirting with me, joking, laughing, etc… It merely was just friends hanging out.

Mac on the other hand is a completely HOT piece of ass. No I’m not sugar coating it, because if you saw him too you’d not be able to describe him any other way yourselves. He’s ex-military.. I think he said he was a SEAL. All I know is that he was fun, good at bowling, and talkative (when he wasn’t watching the baseball game). After the game was over, he sat and talked with me for quite a while. He, like quite a few of us, is also looking for work.

I met zero of the women. It wasn’t planned to ignore them. It just happened. While bowling, I was kept completely occupied in conversation with either Mr R, or Tim.. on a rare occasion Mac. The few seconds I had to check out what was going on in the other lane, I merely just noticed a further addition of women (My team had 4 people, the other team was 6 – all women and the organizer). The few women that I did see, only one of them looked like someone I’d like to know. The rest giggled and huddled and laughed to themselves. They seemed very girly girls with very silly looking dispositions. They did not greet me or make a move to say Hi, and I did not make any motions to get to know them either. I think we were all quite happy about it. 🙂

It really was just a great night of bowling. Unfortunately since I hadn’t bowled in way too long, my ball felt extra heavy. I really need a 10 lb. ball, but since my fingers are huge (seriously have man hands, but proportional to me) unless I go get a ball made specially for me, I’m stuck with my 12 lb. garage-sale-find ball. Which 12 lb. is what I’d end up finding to bowl with at a bowling alley anyway, this ball just keeps me from having to search through their entire selection to find a suitable one.

So after 3 games, my arm was dead (shoulder still a little sore btw), and I could feel my muscles getting sore. I was sore for 3 days. So sore that I walked funny until Sunday. Yay me! But it was definitely worth it. I really miss bowling, but I’m going back in two weeks.

Sometimes its just fun to have fun!

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