Oct 192009

After a long week of driving myself insane, Friday night I needed to relax. However, I’d also finally gotten an invite to the Partymeister’s weekly Friday Night Happy Hour.

The Partymeister is a 40ish good looking man who is always the life of the party and always knows where all the great parties are. The Partymeister also knows quite a few good looking 30’s 40’s single men in Austin. So knowing the Partymeister and attending his events is an excellent way to network and meet eligible bachelors. He also is very zen and relaxed, so even if you don’t meet anyone the company is still worth it.

So even though I wanted to sit at home with my Netflix, I dragged my lazy butt out to a bar. It was a pretty chill night, and it was a relatively small group. We started off at a divey-bar/restaurant.. then headed off to a really divey bar.

But I did manage to get my flirt on. (Don’t I always?)

In my circle of people, there are a few outliers. I know who they are. They know most of the people I know. But I myself only see them rarely. This pretty much made up the entire group of people at the Happy Hour. It was interesting.

I made a new girly friend, and I re-met a guy.

This guy I’ve re-met about 5-6 times now. The first 4 or so times he never remembered meeting me. I’d try to go talk to him and he’d move before I got to him or he’d turn away to talk to someone on the other side of him.

So the last time (the time before last Friday) I “met” him, I made sure to make a lasting impression. I was no longer trying to “win” him over, and for some reason that time he talked to me. When I’d mentioned that we’d met previously, he looked at me with severe disbelief. A look that said “There is no way that I would not remember meeting you!” I very matter of factly said that we had met and that he consistently forgot me. I was being polite but bitchy.

It is THAT that he remembers me. I must have made an impression, because on Friday he knew exactly who I was even though it had been months since we’d last met. He even reminded me that I yelled at him, and he apologized for forgetting me, making sure I knew that he’d remembered me this time. It was honestly quite cute.

When the Partymeister overheard our conversation, he was aghast. I don’t think he’s ever heard me say a bad word to anyone, let alone his bar-buddy Don. Don is known all over everywhere as being a completely nice guy. So to yell at him is something akin to beating a teddy bear.

So I turned to Partymeister to defend myself.

“I’m sorry but he totally deserved it. He met me like 5 times before and still acted each time like it was the first.” I of course smiled my mischievous innocent naughty girl smile, and he started laughing.

“Don… How possible is it that you were too drunk to remember?”

Don then laughed and said, “Yeah thats probably it.”

I maintained that I was more than memorable no matter how much drink someone has had, and that Don was not that drunk. We agreed to disagree, but Don remembers me now… so I win!

Don and I talked a little that night one on one, but in such a small group is difficult and rather rude (unless you want to be jibed for ‘dating’) to separate from the group.

As a group though, we got on the topic of being single. The men all happily exclaimed that it was a great time to be single, especially for men in Austin. Evidently its a 2-1 ratio or something. However, supposedly (according to these same male sources) Austin, Texas has one of the highest singles rates in the USA, or one of the largest pockets of single men to choose from. So they assured me that it was a great time to be single in Austin even for a woman. PHEW! 🙂

The group broke up after the second bar. A few wanted to go downtown (additional parking costs) and a few of us wanted to find some food. Don, I, and my new girly friend all went for food.

We chatted about this and that, but as soon Denise left the table, Don would start asking me about my ex-husband, and telling me about his divorce. He wanted to know how long I’d been divorced, what stage of recovery I was in.. etc. As soon as Denise returned, we’d switch the subject.

Soon we began talking about phones. Denise, being a college student and poor, could not afford her bill and had hers shut off. (she now has it back on btw) Don however took the topic and ran. He pulled out his phone, clicked on it a couple times, looked at me and said:

“What’s your number?”

Don is cute. He’s not overly tall but he’s not short either. He’s smart, educated, and sweet. And he looks like one of the Baldwin brothers.

So of course I gave him my number. When I got home, he’d added me on Facebook as well. He’s supposed to be at another Happy Hour tomorrow night, so we’ll see how things go.

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