Oct 052009

Despite all plans (or hopes) otherwise, this weekend turned out to be a girls weekend. Which since I don’t have many girlfriends, seems a bit odd to say.

I forced myself to go out on Friday and ended up carpooling with Evie and a “friend” of hers to bar hop with some mutual friends. I’m still not sure what their relationship is, but I know its not serious. To be honest, from the way things went down on Friday, I think he’s just hanging around because he thinks he might get laid.

He’s actually my type almost 100%. He’s smart, geeky, and conservative/reserved in public. He’s funny and talkative. He’s not great looking, but at least attractively average with good hygiene, a great job, and owns his own house.

So not knowing what their relationship was, I mentally took notes on him and figured we’d make good friends if nothing else.

About midway through the evening, he mouthed to me from across the table where he was sitting with Evie: “I’m bored of her already.”

She was doing her usual. Ignoring the guy she’s with almost completely the entire night.

So I moved closer to him so we could talk.

“Aren’t you two on a date?”

“Oh god, I don’t think so,” he answered.

So I felt a little more relaxed in paying more attention to him and talking. I believe it was this that signaled Evie to start doing her “its getting late” routine in which she realizes its getting towards the end of the evening and begins to get physically friendly with the guy she’s with (or interested in). This generally entails leaning on him, whispering things in his ear, secret smiles and looks, hands on him, etc.

Then we went to a coffee shop, sat on a couch with him in between us. She basically laid on him the entire time as much as humanly possible while talking about all sorts of sexual activities. It was interesting to say the least.

Saturday night, a friend of mine had given me tickets to the ballet. I had 24 hours to find a date, and talking men into going to the ballet when they’re not getting sex after is well.. pretty much impossible unless they’re gay. So I ended up having to take a girlfriend. I asked Chrissy, and she was out of town. I asked Getty, and she doesn’t do ballet. I thought about inviting this girl I’ve only met once, but instead decided to just take Evie.

Ballet was good. Their rendition of Swan Lake was yucky, but Firebird was awesome. In Swan Lake, the main male character who was supposed to be a hunter was so unmasculine that it was comical. His outfit was so badly thought out that it seriously looked like a half-naked Ken doll dancing around on stage. He had on a fancy shirt and beige tights that fit snuggly all over so with the lights it didn’t look like he had pants on. The male lead on Firebird though was amazing with appropriate costume. I have to say I’m half in love with Mr Bloodgood.

Sunday was late lunch with Getty and Evie, then off to Lane Bryant for some shopping. Shopping with both of them is actually quite fun, and it was cool for once to have people to bounce my fashion ideas off of.

A fun weekend and I’m surprised. I’m still waiting for something to blow up. Sad isn’t it?

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