Oct 092009

It’s come to my attention that I may have to stop being quite so laid back about dating if I want things to work out. Now after every date, I think I’m going to ask them…

“So, Are you interested?”

I’ve been chatting with this guy whom I could not figure out. We’d met through “Sugardaddy.com” even though I’m not into what most men there are seeking. Which we discussed in detail our first conversation a couple weeks ago. He said that he wanted to find a relationship as well, with kids and marriage and the whole shebang. It was a good conversation.

Then the next few nights after that first conversation, he’d say “Hi” or send me a “lick” on the website and then get busy with a “phone call” or something and not come back. He’d ask how my day was, I’d ask how his was. We’d both answer and the conversation would die.

I assumed he wasn’t interested. I vowed to myself after my ex (who took the backseat in the entire relationship) that I wasn’t going to be in another relationship where the guy wasn’t head over heels. So if I read him as not interested, I move on… quickly.

So come this past monday, he began re-asking me questions that we’d already discussed our first conversation. I blew my top. It’d barely been a couple weeks and he already forgot what we’d agreed to? Red alarm bells went off in my head. He can’t be that into you if he’s already forgetting the entire premise of the relationship.

I can’t remember now what I’d said, but he knew I was pissed. But I do remember telling him that he didn’t seem very interested.

To which, he blew his top. He thought I wasn’t interested, but he’d been messaging me every time he saw me online.

*sigh* Communication Fail.

So we’re to go out on Sunday.

Then last night, I get a message from Mr Hottub (also known as Mr One-Arm Hug). If you remember way back about the guy I posted about who I swore was not interested, but wanted our second date to be in a hot tub.

Mr H. “Haven’t talked to you in awhile. So I’m not meeting too many people on this site. What was the name of that other site you were telling me about? I forgot:)

I was shocked. He remembered our conversation enough to look me up a month later to ask me about a dating site? But doesn’t remember me enough to actually contact me to set up that hot tub date? (which I never heard from him on it) I don’t know why this week that I’ve suddenly grown balls and am telling people off.. but I am.

ME “Seriously? Is this how you’re telling me you’re not interested?

Mr. H “what do you mean – I thought you were cute but not interested in me.

You told me about this other site – just wondering what it was. ๐Ÿ™‚

ME “uh… you ended our “date” with a one arm hug, and the next date you wanted to get together in a hot tub (which doesn’t say interested says “you’re good for sex”). Then you disappear. So I assume you’re really not interested.

As for other sites, they’re all lame.

I figured at this point there wasn’t much he could come back with. I was all “Take that you ass.”

Mr. H “If I wanted sex I would go out and look for a one night stand. But I’m not like that. I thought a hot tub sounded fun! Sorry to piss ya off ๐Ÿ™

Damn… he has a point. Maybe he really is just dating etiquette stupid.

ME “ok. hot tubs might be fun, but not so early. I kinda liked you, but figured you weren’t interested.. so was a little hurt that you asked for a dating site from me.

You were probably referring to “plentyoffish.com” but its really lame. Either that or Match.com

Mr. H “if you say it sucks I won’t bother. Maybe we could get together sometime next week. Going to Houston this weekend.

ME “Sure.. gimme a jingle or drop me a note when you get back. Have fun in Houston.

Mr. H “what number can I reach you at? I lost it ๐Ÿ™

At this point, I’m pretty sure I was right that he’s not interested. But I’ve gone this far, might as well see what comes to play next week.

ME: “Lost it? This is not boding well for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ (my phone number)

So now I’m wondering a bit how many dates I’ve screwed up because I was too aloof or distant. How many of the men that I liked actually thought I was the uninterested party?

I hate self-doubt. So maybe from now on I’m just going to ask point blank, “Are you freaking interested or not?”

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