Oct 132009

Last night, I went out to that group event I’d mentioned yesterday. I went with two purposes.

1. Hopefully see Mr. Christian again.

2. Find a costume for Halloween (the event was at a costume shop)

Sadly neither of these goals were met. However…

On entering the Costume Store, I immediately started freaking out. I doubt that I’ve mentioned this yet, but I have a little bit of social anxiety. New places tend to freak me out unless I’m with someone who either hasn’t been there before themselves and I’m comfortable enough with them to look stupid, or is old hat at the place and willing to show me the ropes.

The group wasn’t gathered together at all. Everyone was all over the store milling around doing their own shopping. I looked around for a familiar face, mainly Mr Christian, but didn’t see anyone.

So I scolded myself for being silly, and decided that I was awesome enough to make it at least around the store without looking like a complete idiot. (Seriously I am awesome, I just forget when I’m in a new environment. – Instead thoughts like, ‘Where do I go now? Where’s the group? Am I in the right place? Should I go left or right? Do they even have fat lady’s costumes? Where would they be? Oh god, I bet they don’t. This is probably one of those “must be a size 8 or less” places. I should just go home.’)

But I stuck it out. Damn it! 🙂 Cuz I am courageous!

After deciding not to flee, I walked to the back of the store constantly looking around for faces I might know. Next thing I know I run into Chrissy. She’s always excited to see me which always makes me feel good. So I relaxed. At least one familiar face!! YES!

We began walking to the large ladies section, then she excused herself for the toilet. Next I see her friend (from the last time we hung out, someday I’ll have to remember this chick’s name) coming to say hi.

It is at this moment that my eyes meet with an Indian guy headed our direction. I recognized him from the group’s site, and since I wasn’t that attracted to him I quickly averted my eyes. But alas it was too late.

His name was .. well we’ll just call him Mr. A. He was sweet, nice, and exuberant. The kind of exuberant that is cute, adorable, and harmless. He was looking to dress up as Michael Jackson for Halloween. (UGH.. seriously?)

Chrissy eventually returned and the three of us girls made the rounds of the shop running into a few other people we knew. Mr. A kept running up to us with some new MJ costume or accessory and asking our opinion. I say “our” because he was being nice and friendly, but with the looks he was giving me.. it was MY opinion that kept him coming back to us.

Chrissy and her friend had to get going as her friend was hosting a HipHop event down the street. They invited me to come, but I hadn’t made up my mind.

I decided to try on a few costumes. Btw 1X-2X in costume speak means size 16. So they really did not fit nor did they flatter.

I was on my way out, and Mr A saw me leaving. He was checking out and filling out forms for his rental. He dropped everything, and asked the cashier to wait a second, then walked quickly over to me and asked me to dinner. He left absolutely no question that he was interested. So.. I said yes.

I did however say that I was on my way to meet some friends, so he was well aware that it would just be dinner. He was new to town, and was more than happy to have company. We went to a cheap little Italian place, which I chose because it was on my way to the HipHop thing.

He was nice, and I can totally see us being friends. I cannot really see us being more than that, unless its sex-buddies.. but I can’t really see him taking that very well.

So after an hour and half of talking and eating.. I took off to meet up with Chrissy.

The place was scary. It was a dive bar, but it looked like an abandoned dive bar. I was seriously afraid of what I’d find inside. But being the brave person I was (and that Chrissy didn’t answer her cellphone), I decided to go in.

I open the door and there is NO ONE in there.. save Chrissy, her friend, and some guy. Phew. The HipHop part didn’t start for a couple hours, which they didn’t know. So we hung out for a while. The guy left.

It was at this time that we all decided to just grab some ice cream next door and come back later. It was also at this time that I found there was another person in the party. Some guy named.. we’ll just call him R, sitting in his car in the parking lot working. Supposedly when he finished working he would join us.

We sat, chatted, then headed back over. We got back just as the DJ was setting up. Shortly after that, R came in. R is also Indian, and R was hot. I resigned myself to it being Indian night.

R was tall. Most Indian men are not very tall. R was 6’2? and built like a football player. I felt small next to him, which honestly is very sexy. But I didn’t know if he was single.. I also didn’t know if the other two girls had something going on with him.. or what the deal was..

So I flirted friendlily.. taking the safe route. He was nice. He got us drinks, joked around, and seemed to flirt back. I started to get the feeling that maybe he was interested. So I asked Chrissy if her or her friend had any “dibbs” on him. She said they hadn’t and was more than ok if I hit on him. Phew.

Next thing I knew, he’s getting her friend’s number (I assume for more info on the HipHop events), then he’s getting Chrissy’s number. So I back off.

The dancing starts. Chrissy is a really great dancer. Not in the way that she should be on “So You Think You Can Dance”, but in that she has great rhythm and very smooth way of dancing. And as much stereotypes as there are about black people and dancing, her poor friend (black) had absolutely no dancing ability. She had no rhythm at all and no moves. I felt like an awesome dancer in comparison. I really felt sorry for her.

R and I decided not to dance. I attempted to make him. He attempted to make me. It wasn’t until I went to the toilet and came back, that he finally got his way. He blocked me from being able to sit down. He said Chrissy told him to do it, and thus he must obey.

I asked “And what if I commanded you otherwise?”

He smiled, “I’d be very torn.”

So I stood there not dancing. He stood there and started to dance… a little. They all were trying to get me to dance. It wasn’t really until Chrissy started dancing silly to make fun of this old song they were playing that I started dancing.

Chrissy and I decided to have a dance off. This wasn’t your normal “I dance better than you” showdown. This was a retarded dancing showdown. She’d do some lame outdated dance move from our youth, and I’d try to show her up with a lamer dance move. I ended up winning on my interpretation of her friend’s lame dance move. She did a very quick shaking of the shoulders, and only the shoulders, which though I attempted I could not adequately do and so I exaggerated it into something that looked like a seizure. Hilarious it was.. flattering.. not so much. But we all were just having fun.

I figured once I’d had some kind of epileptic fit, that my normal dancing wouldn’t seem so bad. So I danced. He danced. We all danced.

I started to get tired. I sat down. He refused to let me, and grabbed my hand and dragged me to my feet. He has fabulously strong hands.

Eventually it got late. I decided to go, but just as I decided that.. R went to the bathroom and then so did Chrissy. (Bathrooms were on opposite sides of the bar, they didn’t go together). So I had to wait for them to return. Once they returned, R beat me to the punch saying he was leaving.

Her friend wanted to get a picture of all of us. So we posed. R with his arm around Chrissy. So I’m thinking he’s into her.

But we walk out together. He asks where my car is.. I point to it. Opposite direction of his. We nervously smile. He says he had a great time meeting me and that we should do it again..

I grow balls. With a flirty inflection that would make Marilyn Monroe proud, I say, “How are we to do that when you don’t even have my number?”

He quickly grabs his phone and starts entering my name, which he surprisingly spells correctly. Hands me the phone to enter my number. Then calls me to give me his number. (this second step he didn’t do with the other two girls)

He asks if I’ll be safe driving home. Sweet guy. We say goodnight. Then we hug. A long extended, omg gimme more hug. Our eyes meet. I want him to kiss me, but am scared to say so. Our eyes linger. Finally we part.

I have no idea if he’s into Chrissy or me.. or both or neither. I guess we’ll see.

Oh.. and PS.. I got an email from Mr. Christian (yesterday’s blog post). Yay. Though I am still freaking confused. I have no idea if he thinks I’m a cool friend or if he’s interested. He decided to tell me about his lame lunch date today. Really? *sigh* Men.

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