Sep 252009

Last night I had a great night. My workaholic FB and I finally managed to get together, and I still managed to make it to my “Better Flirting” group.

I joined the “Better Flirting” group, not that I really needed tips on how to flirt, because I figured it couldn’t hurt and I might meet some different single men.

I walked in 45 minutes late, (Hey I was late but I made it damn it) and immediately found myself in conversation with an extremely attractive man. He started out the conversation with:

“I’m so glad you showed up.” He said this with a tone of “You just saved me from them.”

Since I’d just arrived, I looked around to see what he meant. Half the women were about 10-20 yrs older than me at least, and the others I wasn’t sure about. The men however were all much older than him, the youngest being roughly my age if I’m being kind. Only one of the rest of the men would I have even bothered to give a second of my time.

I replied, “What? You don’t like older men?”

We laughed. He filled me in on what I’d missed, and clarified that the rest of the room were wine drinkers in a tone which said snooty. I told him I was very versatile with alcohol as I like a little wine, a little beer, and a little vodka. So we began talking about his beer, and how much I loathe NXNW’s beers and which beers I do like and where to go in town to get the best beers. (Ever want to get me plowed? Take me to the Gingerman and tell me the tabs on you.)

We simply put hit it off immediately. Out of a self-imposed duty and encouragement from others in the group that this what was supposed to be done at this time anyway, I forced myself to go mingle and meet everyone.

I ended up getting trapped in a conversation with a 50+ yr old man with braces and possibly a retainer. I have no idea what we talked about, because well thats how much I was enjoying the conversation. I had a hot guy who wanted to talk to me damn it. Luckily I remembered that I’d come late, and so used the excuse that I didn’t have much time to talk to any ONE person and thus must “flitter” on. Phew!

I made it back to Mr. Hot just before the organizer decided it was time for us to sit around the tables and talk as a group, which meant that I got to sit next to Mr. Hot. Yeah baby!

Unfortunately the organizer sat on my other side and to anyone with half a brain, hit on me while doing his speech about the group. It was that type of hitting on you where you can take it as platonic flirting or you can take him seriously.. and I had no idea how to take him.. but I can keep up with the best.. and I did much to his dismay. So for most of the organizer’s speech I didn’t even get to see Mr. Hot and ended up flirting with the attractive but too old for me organizer right in front of him. Yay!

So I was pretty sure that while I was showing my excellent flirting skills, wit, and intellect, I was also screwing up with Mr. Hot.

Then the organizer explained the next exercise. We were to find a person that we were attracted to, sit facing each other with our knees touching and look into each others eyes for 2 one minute sessions. It was to help us get used to eye contact.

As soon as he’d said the exercise, I was on pins and needles. On one hand I was praying “Organizer, please do not choose me” on the other hand I was praying “OMG, what if Mr Hot chooses someone else and I’m stuck with Mr Too Old for Braces?”

I didn’t have to wait long. I looked at Mr Hot. He looked at me.

“You wanna?”

I couldn’t turn my chair fast enough. I was extremely nervous about just how into this he wanted to get, and if he really wanted to get our knees touching, but as soon as our chairs were facing each other, he had his knees touching mine and we were looking into each other eyes.

And we talked. And gazed. And talked. Our knees constantly touching. At one point I laughed and touched his knee.. At one point he laughed and touched mine. About 15 minutes later, the organizer interrupted us. Bastard.

And the organizer talked. And talked. And talked. But neither of us moved our chairs. At one point, one of our knees stopped touching. I think I moved slightly to see the organizer. Suddenly his knee was there touching mine again.

I was also cold, and since I wasn’t getting heated anymore by the eye contact, I started to really feel the chill. We were outside on a deck, and I freeze easy. Mr. Hot asked if I was cold as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. So I touched my ice cold fingers to his arm, and said I was freezing.

“Wow, you really are cold!” He said as he took my hand in his to warm it. (Le Sigh)

Then he seemed to realize that we were … er.. holding hands, and he let go. (Le Sad Sigh)

After that the group was essentially over, and Mr Hot had to work in the morning so he left. I should have walked out with him, but I also wasn’t sure I wanted the night to end.. there was talk of going to a Vodka party next door. So we didn’t get a real goodbye. (Oh and the vodka party thing fell through, so I was really kicking myself)

When I did get home, I sent him a message saying it was great to meet him. He hasn’t replied yet, so we’ll see.

But nevertheless, we’ll always have NXNW.

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