Sep 142009

I wasn’t going to post today because I’m sick and lazy. I spent most of the weekend in bed or on my couch watching Netflix and sniffling/sneezing/coughing. I’m still sniffly, sneezy, and coughy, but I’m also pissed now.. So.. caution violent speech and anger spewing to come…

Dear 59 yr old buttwipe from Trinidad,

What kind of crazy assed drugs are you on that you could possibly think that I would want to waste my time on you? Did you even read my profile? Do you really think I have big daddy issues for you to solve from 2693 miles away?

When you IM’d me on OkStupid, asking me how I was, I was pleasant but abrupt. Probably more abrupt than normal since I AM SICK, you donkeybutt! And told you I wasn’t interested.

You are one of the men that give all the online dating men a bad rap, and make them wonder why we ignore all of you!

So you decide to not only reply, “in what?” (which I ignored since you’re obviously a moron) then you decided to also say “Oh my.. after looking at your pictures I feel the same about you.”

I honestly don’t think you could feel the same about me as I do you at this moment. My pictures were enough for you to message me in the first place since you obviously can’t read my profile. So I’m pretty confident that I’m hot enough. You however are a dumbass and I don’t think anyone’s found a cure for that.

Sincerely hoping you find that butt-whooping you seriously need,


(yeah I tend to think pretty violently when I’m sick huh?)

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