Sep 102009

I think I figured out why I needed a vacation, and another reason why my vacation was soooooooooo freaking amazing.

I went last night to pick up my dog from Gety the woman who agreed to sit her (for free btw, so I owe her big). I’d mentioned her briefly in my “Women Who Hate Women” post a while ago as the one woman I still had some hope in.

She’d taken care of my dog amazingly despite the fact that my dog and her cat were like oil and water and her cat was “traumatized” the entire time and hid in a back bedroom with a closed door.

So I have to give her huge kudos.

But the minute I saw her (ok she might have waited 3 minutes), she started in talking about a mutual friend of ours (Evie) and how much drama she was. How Evie kept putting drama messages on her Facebook, and attention seeking. How she kept calling Gety to whine or complain, but would never come to anything Gety invited her to because she had other plans.

When she started this, I wanted to go back on vacation. Like NOW. She totally harshed my mellow, as the saying goes.

When she was done with that, she started in on another mutual acquaintance whom I happen to really like despite his completely crappy taste in women. He likes strong powerful (aka demanding bitches) women who have a very open sexuality (aka sluts/teases). These women tend to screw over their female friends and cause mega-drama, thus I don’t like them. But since he doesn’t ask me to be friends with them, just civil in public, I’m good.

Anyway, she started in this discussion they’d had, which had gotten heated because she refuses to see reason. I’d heard this “lecture” before I left for Cali, and yes its a lecture because she won’t let you get a word in. It all involved a family restaurant in town which supposedly has a one way mirror over the urinals in the men’s room so while the men are peeing they can watch the restaurant.

Why any family restaurant would do this is beyond me, but to each their own. She on the other hand thinks its a breeding pool for pedophiles, and rapists. And I can see it being a thing for pedophiles, but so is parking lots next to schools and a whole host of other things. If I had a child, no I would not bring them to that restaurant. But she got so heated in her own conversation that there was nothing to say (like I could get a word in anyway) to calm her down and end it. So I sat and listened to it run its course trying to mentally be back on vacation in Cali.

I promised to take her to dinner as a reward for her helping with my dog, so I’ll have to hang out with her again soon. But after that, it may be a while before I see her again. I so don’t need the stress.

I think I’ll concentrate on making local men friends from now on. There’s obviously something in the water (I only drink filtered) that’s making these women go crazy.

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