Aug 192009

I have a new crush. He’s somewhat tall, dark hair, dark eyes, and sexy, or at least so far I think he’s sexy.

I first met him on Monday. He walked into the rehearsal meeting, and our eyes met. He smiled. I melted. We were way across the room from each other, but he asked my name from across the room over the people between us. I told him. He told me his. (which I either didn’t hear or was so overloaded with awe from his smile that I forgot to retain it).

He has one of those smiles that completely light up a room. Actually he has one of those genuine smiles that completely transform his face. You know how some people smile and their expression doesn’t change. Whatever emotion they had before they smiled is still there. Not with him. His smile lights up his face, puts a twinkle in his eyes, and fills his entire aura with joy. Its amazing.

I swear I could just sit and watch him smile over and over and over again.


We haven’t really talked. There hasn’t been much time. He works tech, so when I’m lulled, he’s busy. When he’s lulled, I’m acting. C’est la vie.

But our eyes still meet now and then. We share a smile, or a look, or both.

I really doubt anything will come of it. Partly because I’m realistic. Partly because I’m pessimistic. But for now, just that twinge of hope is very exciting.

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