Aug 202009

I watched the latest episode of “More To Love” last night. On one hand, I’m happy because he finally got rid of the bitchy-backstabber woman, on the other hand the show still disturbs me.

This time its much less him and his understanding “playboy” ways of getting fat women to love him… and much more the women themselves.

Did the show go out and find the most pathetic fat women out there? Many of them have never dated before.. those that have their previous relationships were always with some dickhead who used them.

Sure I’ve dated dickheads, but seriously wasn’t there at least one time in their lives that they actually found a decent guy .. even for a few minutes?

Sure there’s something about the bachelor on the show.. generally bordering on pathological.. something sexy about him.. but…

Well.. I guess it is hard to find a nice guy.

The thing I thought was the most disturbing was the “good wife/bad wife” game. They all sat around and judged each other on whether they’d be a good wife or a bad wife. Bitchy-backstabber woman seemed to only think that women who were level headed with good organizational skills and cooking skills could apply. Others simply voted on people they liked versus people they didn’t.

So what makes for a good wife? Ask the husband. When it comes to marriage, and lasting.. its a party of two and no one else gets it. Seriously. How many couples do you know that “OMG they’re getting a divorce?” and the couple staying together is one you’re pretty sure they should part. Rarely does anyone else really pick the person someone ends up with, actually a lot of the time people around the happy couple are thinking “Seriously? You picked them?”

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