Aug 182009

I have to thank “True Heart in Jersey” for today’s post. While not directly her fault, she did recommend the site on which I found this lovely profile. She’d claimed that the men on these sites in her area were undesirable, but I think this one might take the cake.

I was searching through one of her posted pet sites and saw a profile of a decent looking male advertising that he liked BBWs. My curiosity got the better of me and so I checked out his profile.

First he admits that he just got out of a bad relationship with a BBW and is now looking for a different partner.

Woo Hooo… Damaged and honest about it.. sign me up!

Now I do have to give him some credit for staying with this person for 3 yrs despite no sexual contact for 1.5 yrs right? Yes? No? (Are you scared yet?)

He just moved here and is staying with family where he feels “safe” (seriously a direct quote).

What the hell did she do to him? Just how damaged is he if he had to move in with family to feel safe?

He continues that he’s looking for a woman who wants a partner that isn’t afraid of work. (Come on.. what woman doesn’t love a working man? Or is he wanting a woman that isn’t afraid of work?)… and that she would like for him to move in with her to get to know each other on a first hand basis.

WOOOOOOOAH DAWGIES… Big Red Flashing Warning Signs.

But sadly… I’m not done.. nor is he..

He continues to state that he wants to get away from his family (wait, I thought he was safe there?) and out on his own, but there are no jobs in his area.

He ends with “Interested? My tongue is pierced and I love to give oral as well as receive.”

Wow.. There is some honesty. Gotta give him some points for that. He also gets extra bonus points for the flashing neon red warning signs.

If only ruling out unsuitables was always this painlessly easy. Sheesh.

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