Aug 212009

I really have nothing to post today. Awesome Melisa has written a great post which kinda stole my thunder. Ok, not really, as I wasn’t planning on writing on that topic today.. but its such a good post that I don’t have it in me today to surpass it.

I finally got some alone time last night with my new crush though. He’s so sweet and sexy.. and SOOOOOOO taken. *sigh*

It’s been so long since I’ve done theatre that I know no one in the cast, so the little “party” after the show I had pretty much no one to talk to…

Thats when he walked by, and offered to pour me some wine. After pouring one for me and one for him, in that order, he stood and talked to me about the show, about my part in it..

Then we began talking about the set. One of the sets is a bedroom.. I’m not in it, so I’ve not seen it. He was describing it as an “Arabian Nights” kind of bedroom, then said that his (he said their – him and his gf) bed had some curtains but not that much. This gave me opportunity to talk about my new bed and needing to find curtains for it. He highly recommended, almost demanded, that I see the set before buying curtains.

So while we did talk about beds and bedrooms, while I knew he had a gf from his Facebook page, I found out that he lives with his gf. *sigh*

We talked for quite a while actually, and would probably have continued except he got pulled off to haul some stuff for the director.

Later, a couple people were inviting the remaining cast to join them at a nearby restaurant. My crush, when invited, replied, “I need to check with my girl.”

UGH… There is no hope. But he’s sooo delish. On top of that btw, his gf is one-half of a set.. she has an identical twin. I so can’t compete with that.

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