Aug 312009

I’m being lazy. Of course, Trueheart messages me and reminds me that I’m being lazy. So here I am writing. 🙂

This weekend was fabo, yet extremely tiring. Thus me being lazy today. (See how good I am at making excuses to be a couch potato?)

Saturday night was our “Cast Party” for the play, since Sunday was our last performance and no one (who wants to keep their job) wants to party on a Sunday night before Monday morning work.

The party started off rather iffy. I wasn’t sure who all was going to stay or how long, and even after 3 weeks of nearly hanging out every day, I didn’t know most of the cast very well. So to say I was mildly uncomfortable would be a slight understatement.

I eased my discomfort by bringing (it was BYOB) lots to drink and share. So at least if I had nothing to say to someone, I could at least say “Hey, would you like some wine?” or something.

As the party got underway, my Crush arrived with an attractive male friend of his that I’d met earlier right after the show. I’d also met my Crush’s girlfriend as well, and sadly she’s very nice, sweet, and pretty. Pretty in a “we could be best friends” way not in an arrogant “you’re so pretty I want to set you on fire” way. Seriously couldn’t hate her if I tried, and they’re really an adorable couple. But she had other plans, and he ditched her to attend the party.. thus.. he was alone.

I wasn’t sure what to make of his friend though. B-hawk seemed intelligent, sweet, and fun.. He was my height, thin but works out, roughly 28 or so, with his hair cut into a mohawk… but I seemed to get this “shy” vibe from him which I wasn’t sure if he was really shy or just not wanting to seem “interested” in me. So at the start of the party, I talked mostly to my Crush.

My Crush is adorable when he’s been drinking. Hilarious really. He’s really an entertainer and loves the spotlight but in an “I’ll share the spotlight” kind of adorable way. I got him to dance for me. He started dancing cheesy broadway style, and attempted to get his friend B-Hawk to join him. B-Hawk was seriously embarrassed, and so of course I took all advantage of it and insisted that he join my Crush in dancing. Soon my Crush had napped another cast member and the two of them began dancing together as if in chorus line. I, sitting across the room as their only audience, clapped happily and overly encouraging. B-Hawk looked like he was tempted to join in, but way too embarrassed to make up his mind fully. It was adorable.

They went off to mingle, and so did I. It was a pretty good party and I got to know most of the cast a whole lot better. Sad that it had to happen so late.

Towards the middle of the evening began the highlight. I was sitting with a group of the cast & others way in the back of the backyard, and furthest point from the kitchen, when B-Hawk came out of the house to look and see what was going on outside. I waved, caught his attention, and then motioned him over with a simple hand gesture.

Initially I’d motioned him over to join the “party” I was with, but as he got closer I realized that my glass was empty and needed more ice for my vodka. The ice was all the way in the kitchen. So being a little more drunk-brave than I am sober, I decided to test out B-Hawk.

When B-Hawk finally arrived at our group, he made effort to come stand right next to me. I’m not sure if he liked me, or if he just didn’t know anyone else at all, but it was encouraging. So I whispered to him.

“Would you do me a favor?” I asked drippingly sweet.

He replied cautiously, “That depends, maybe?”

“Would you go fill my cup with some ice from the kitchen? please?” I smiled my best smile.

He hesitated only a moment, then smiled, and went straight to the house. He didn’t ask if anyone else wanted anything, or stop to converse on the way. He merely went straight to get my ice, and so quickly returned that I’d barely gotten back into my conversation. (It was hawt, trust me)

I got up to grab my vodka a few feet away, and he went to go talk to my Crush who was just a few feet further. After refilling, I joined them talking.

I really don’t remember much else that happened the next couple hours. I got distracted and dragged some place. He got dragged other places. Finally at about 2am, the party had died and there were just a few of us left. I decided it was probably time to go if I wanted any chance of giving a decent performance on Sunday.

I walked around saying by “Good Byes”. I left my Crush and B-Hawk for last. I was saying goodnight to my Crush, and got a one arm hug. Then I had to walk by B-Hawk to leave. We could have easily just waved bye. We’d not talked a whole lot one on one, so I honestly didn’t expect to even really say “Bye”. He’d overheard me saying “Bye” to my Crush, his friend, so as I walked by him I told him it was nice meeting him, and that I was leaving, blah blah blah.

“Can I get a hug?” He interjected, and opened his arms wide in insistence. It was adorable. So we hugged. Tight and slightly extended… and not a drunken hug either.

It was one of those moments where you’re pretty sure the person is into you. It boggled me really. I’m so not used to attractive, skinny, in shape, (hot) men being into me and I honestly don’t know how to handle it half the time.

It was a great night, and since has fueled many dreams. I can’t wait to run into him again, and see what happens.

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