Jul 162009

Sally and I sat down one evening, bored and discouraged from attempting to date, and started talking about “red flags” when a guy is talking to us.

Here are a few “no-no’s” we came up with… (guys if you’re reading this, avoid these at all costs.. trust me, you’ll thank me later.)

“I’m a nice guy” – For years this has been a huge red flag. Why is he telling me he’s a nice guy? Does he think I can’t tell that? So is he calling me stupid? Or is he being defensive because women in the past have called him an asshole? If he’s an asshole, then he could be just trying to get me to trust him so he can get in my pants. Or maybe he’s a nice guy and whining because he never gets any, is he a loser?

– Guys you really don’t want to start this debate in a woman’s head. It will always end up badly. The biggest turn off by saying this is that it’s a form of bragging, and bragging generally signifies a lack of self-confidence. If you’re really a nice guy, we’ll see it. If you’re not a nice guy, we’ll figure that out as well. Actions + Words = Truth

“No Drama” – actually this is a red flag for relations with women and men. Generally those that say “No Drama” or “Drama-free” are either drama-magnents, or drama queens themselves. While drama queens work til they cause drama, drama magnets seem to attract and enable drama queens. Either way, having these people in your life is sure to cause an increase in drama.

“Picture Quality” – (online dating) If you the picture you send us or post looks like something I’d find in a picture frame, chances are pretty good you’re fake. Well you’re either fake, way too picky (thus single), or a player… or sometimes all three. So we’re not interested. If you really are that hot, take a few lower quality pictures to prove it. If your picture looks like you just got out of bed, high as a kite, or just back from a night of binge drinking.. we’re not going to be interested. We assume that your picture is you putting your best foot forward. If your best foot is something that the cat dragged home, you should plan on being celibate.

Ok.. thats enough for now.. Enjoy!

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