Jul 222009


(20 yr old): I wanna please u in ways u cant imagine.

(ME): So you think I’m unimaginative?


(creepy 66 yr old guy): Is that for breakfast lunch or dinner

This site will not let me wink at you …so when are you most delicious

Oh well I thought you would be fun…but there you have it folks….

(ME): *shiver* *delete*

(My mailbox also contained 10+ “winks” from this 66 yr old – Ewww)


From a friend in response to the above: “oh my god what do you have on your profile that says “i wanna be banged so every pervert within 80 miles needs to send me a creepy message””

Sadly there is nothing strange or unusual in my profile, its just an every day part of being an attractive female on an online dating site. Somedays are more creepy and humorous than others, but its not abnormal.

So guys when you message us something humorously dick-headed, and we don’t respond with a laugh… this is probably why.

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