Jul 282009

Unknown to a friend of mine, I’ve secretly had a crush on a one of her FB (Facebook) friends. I’d seen J’s picture show up on her FB page, and he looked just that right mix of rugged and geeky which always gets my heart pumping. I knew little of anything of him other than that, and I was much to scared to ask. He was probably an ex-boyfriend or a guy she had a crush on, or otherwise off-limits.

Occasionally, her and I will have the same taste in men, but often we do not. When we do like the same guy, its usually not a pretty sight. She’s much more openly sexual than I, and a little thinner and prettier, so unless the guy is not interested in either of us, or he’s looking for a long-term serious relationship (not interested in overtly sexual women), or he’s gay.. I really don’t do well.

I had planned last night just to go downtown and meet another friend for some cheap burgers, but as I was leaving the apartment my girlfriend called to complain about the horrid traffic. There was a huge mess blocking one of the major north-south roads, the direction I needed to go, and was causing overflow and horrific traffic on every side road or alternative way of travel.

So I ditched my plans of cheapo burgers sadly. She then invited me to join her for a movie which I had already seen a couple days ago. I really didn’t need to see it again, but then she mentioned her friend J was going to be going with her. She could have been seeing the worst horror show known to man (I loathe horror), and I still would have gone. I wanted to meet J.

Out of courtesy of not knowing their relationship status, I politely hinted that I didn’t want to disturb their date. She laughed and said they weren’t dating and hadn’t dated. He was just a platonic friend, and she had no interest in him. Since she sometimes doesn’t say everything or leaves out her small interest, I pretended to believe her and hoped like hell she really wasn’t interested in him.

She was running late (traffic) to the movie, so I went off on my own to find J and hoped he was there early to give us a little time to talk. I walked in the front doors of the cinema, and there he was. He saw me, but reacted like I was just another strange person looking at him.


He looked at me and smiled, “You must be Maruska. Evie told me you’d be coming.”

I so wanted to melt into his eyes. We talked easily. Conversation started about Evie, and how we knew her.

We never dated though.” He added quickly almost defensively, which I took as a good sign.

He asked me questions, and I asked him some as well. Our conversation was going so well, I began to hope that Evie wouldn’t make it. But she arrived a few minutes later. We were separated the rest of the evening. One of us on side of her, the other on the other side.

After the movie, we all three talked. I was funny and charming and laughed at his jokes, and he was adorable and playfully sided with me against Evie whenever possible.

The night had ended and it was time to go home. J left on his own, and since Evie and I are nearly neighbors we decided to grab a bite on our way home.

When I did finally get home, I found this.

“J added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know J in order for you to be friends on Facebook.”


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