Mar 242009

I had been trying to be good. I’d finished all my tasks relatively on time. I’d even polished the silver, but nothing was going to completely make up for what I’d done and I knew it.

The clock struck 6pm, and I knew it was a matter of moments before he walked through the door. I ran to the bathroom to spruce myself up and wash off the labors of the day, and raced back to wait by the door for his arrival.

He walked in a few minutes later, placed his briefcase on table and came over to me.

“I see you cleaned.”

“yes Dear”

“You know that won’t affect your punishment, but I am pleased you took some effort to impress me today.”

I so love it when he’s happy. It really makes my day, and so despite the pending punishment I found myself smiling happily. That smile though faded quickly, as he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the couch.

“You know you deserve a spanking right?”

“yes Dear” I replied as I swallowed hard. It had been a while since my last one, and this time I’d done something far worse.

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